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Incorporated in 2002, RobotZone began as a division of Brian Thomas Robotics (BTR). BTR has been specializing in manufacturing educational robotic systems since 1994. RobotZone was launched to meet new demands from both the commercial and government markets. Today, RobotZone focuses on designing and manufacturing various products for the medical, industrial, military, and factory automation industries.

A few RobotZone clients...

Ajile Systems
Pitsco, Inc.
Synergistic Systems
General Motors

Global Presence

Ford Motor Company
McDonnell Douglas

US Airforce
US Army
Carnegie Mellon
Exponent Inc.
M5 Industries

The Robotic market is one of the fastest emerging markets in the world. Demand for robots and robotic systems has been growing at a rapid pace for the last 10 years with no end in sight. Every year brings new introductions of more powerful computers and micro components which enable robots to become more advanced and further capable of performing amazing missions.  Utilizing these new technologies has been the backbone of RobotZone.

By combining our technical expertise with our manufacturing capabilities, we have the ability to rapidly develop ideas, incorporate ideas into products, and launch products into production.

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In 2010, RobotZone constructed a new facility to support operations and accommodate our continued expansion. This facility has become our design center for all newly developed products. We use state of the art equipment for both prototyping and manufacturing.

RobotZone has developed ideas and designed products for large corporations, small businesses, and individuals. These products range from toy robots to military applications such as UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). We look forward to what the robotic revolution means for our future as well as the world.

RobotZone retail products can be found at

Proud Actobotics Distributor
International Globe

With the recent release of Actobotics, a line of ball-bearing based precision building components, ServoCity has added hundreds of new products in the last few months. The line’s popularity is growing fast and continues to expand at a rapid pace. To learn more about Actobotics, click here.

Chrysler Group
Shot, Inc.

Bluebird UAV
Lockheed Martin
Cisco Systems
Stan Winston School of Arts

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